About Katherine Tyrrell

Writer. Author. Artist. Curator. Maven.
I scribble a lot...
  • in a sketchbook while out and about
  • for people wanting my sketches for their books
  • in my notebook when reviewing art exhibitions and interviewing artists
  • on a keyboard when writing my art blogs and curating resource websites
  • when preparing lectures and talks
  • for editors who want books about drawing and articles for their magazines
  • for clients when reviewing websites, business plans for artists, communication used by artists and art products

Below you can find out about my:
  • Drawing - fine art drawings and sketches
  • Writing - one book, two very successful niche websites about art and artists, various articles and publications and multiple blogs
  • Sharing - advice and information for artists and art lovers - via websites, workshops, lectures at art schools and talks to art societies

Note: The "Writer. Author. Artist. Curator. Maven." is my one line description of myself on Facebook!

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Email Katherine Tyrrell about:
  • website reviews
  • artist statement & CV reviews
  • art business reviews
  • product reviews

The  foundations of my art are threefold. 

-  a commitment to the value of drawing, sketching and working from life 'en plein air' where possible
-  a fascination with the power, complexities and subtleties of colour
-  a love of the mark-making scope offered by dry media, specifically soft pastels and coloured pencils.

Whether an internal or external landscape, whether it is about natural or  constructed forms, all of my work is stimulated by repetition and variation in shapes, patterns and motifs and by the impact of light on colour and form.  I frequently use hatching and scumbling to develop broken colour.

I very much enjoy working from life and in public places - as you can see from my sketchbook pages

Much of my figurative work is either initially developed from life or completed in front of the subject.  
Collections: My artwork has generated much praise in relation to my drawing skills and use of colour and is in private collections in the UK, Australia and the USA.  It can also be seen on my portfolio website Pastels and Pencils 
ExhibitionsIn the past my work has been exhibited in the UK, the USA and Canada and in juried exhibitions of national art societies. Latterly I exhibited regularly with the Society of Botanical Artists, Florum and Urban Sketchers London.  (see Exhibition details).
My first book about drawing and sketching was published in January 2015 in three different editions in different parts of the world. The titles and publishers of the books are:
I'm also working (slowly) on one other book with two more in the planning stage.
UK: Sketching 365: Build your confidence and skills with a tip a day
- published by Quarto (Apple Press) 
(8 January 2015)

USA: Drawing 365: Tips and Techniques to Build Your Confidence and Skills
- published by North Light Books 
(1 January 2015)

Asia (English) : 365 Hints and Tips for Drawing and Sketching

- published by Page One Group

SEE MY SKETCHES: My sketches appear in various books about sketching
Do you want to want to include my sketches in a book to be published (print and/or ebook)?
PLEASE NOTE: (1) I only work with major publishers; (2) a licensing fee may be payable for multiple sketches; and
(3) any approach must state the image spec. (dpi/size etc), timeline and attach a copy of the licensing document /proposed terms.

I've been writing 'Making A Mark'  since January 2006. It became one of the most popular art blogs in the UK with a significant international readership in countries all over the world. Since reaching 60 I now write blog posts less often; however it's still a very popular art blog - with lots of good and accessible content!

Making A Mark

http://makingamark.blogspot.com has had more than 4.5 million visitors to date and over 13 million pageviews to date. It's also been rated #3 in Top 25 UK Arts & Culture Blogs and in the top 10 Art Blogs in the world

I write about
  • Major Art Exhibitions in the UK: blog posts typically cover those
    • at major art galleries in London and
    • by the national art societies in the UK
  • Major Art Competitions - primarily in the UK but also ones open to international artists. In addition you can view my YouTube videos of the exhibitions of major national art competitions such as the BP Portrait Award- and other art competitions
  • Artists - both historical and contemporary. View my interviews with prizewinners on my YouTube channel
  • Information about resources for artists and art lovers
    • Influences on developing both artwork and art careers
    • practical aspects of art business
    • technical aspects of websites and social media
  • Drawing and making marks with pastels, pencils and pen and ink

Travels with a sketchbook in......

This blog Featured in The Times Newspaper . Both it and my portfolio website provide an insight into how I work from initial sketch to completed drawing.

Urban Sketchers

I'm also a founder member of the Urban Sketchers London blog and a London correspondent for Urban Sketchers 

My other blogs are:

Art Business Info - News about art for artists

To become a successful artist you need to get on top of the business side of being an artist.

Botanical Art and Artists

I write about botanical art and artists and have followers all over the world.

Blogs I no longer write new content for include

Making A Mark Reviews......

Reviews of art instructions books and other books for artists and art lovers and product reviews
The Art of the Landscape

I've also periodically contributed to group blogs and was the blogmaster for an art society blog.


Are you interested in commissioning an article or articles from me?
Please contact me with: details of proposed topic(s); timeline for submission/publication dates and remuneration rate

Commissioned by the Royal Horticultural Society Lindley Library to write an article for the Occasional Paper to be published in Spring 2018Royal Horticultural Society Lindley Library
Commissioned by Sally Bulgin, Editor of "The Artist", to write a series of 10 articles on the topic Cost Effective Ideas for Artists - providing useful tips on the business side of being an artist and selling your work.

  • 20 tactics for buying art materials (February 2016)
  • How to avoid frames eating your profit (March 2016)
  • How to afford to exhibit your art (April 2016)
  • Display your art online - for free (May 2016)
  • How to protect your art online (June 2016)
  • Pack and ship efficient and effectively (July 2016)
  • How to price your work (Summer 2016)
  • Limit losses when you print your art (August 2016)
  • Business expenses and tax allowances for the artist (September 2016)
  • VAT for the artist (October 2016)
The Artist Magazine
© The Artist' Publishing Co Ltd

 Other Art Magazines
Artists and Illustrators (February 2015)
  • Article: "Social media and the artist" (pages 109,110 and 112)
Launch issue of Discover Art - digital magazine
 Other Blogs
WH Smith blog (March 31, 2015)
The Good Web Guide (July 2012)
LovePencils (The Derwent blog - March 2011
"Many artists have discovered the value of using social media to raise the profile of their work. Katherine Tyrrell, renowned for her Making a Mark art blog, provides an overview of how to use some of the variety of options for getting your work seen and maybe sold"
See Making A Mark Publications for my FREE and priced guides

available for download as pdf documents.

I have a degree in Education and am a qualified teacher.
I also have a a particular interest in drawing and sketching and have lead workshops and written articles and guides about sketching.  I've shared information and write about sketching on my two popular art blogs and in publications on this website.
see  How to Sketch and Making A Mark Publications
Lectures, Talks and Workshops

I'm currently a Visiting Lecturer at Heatherley School of Art .
I deliver Talks, Lectures and Workshops for art schools, arts organisations and art societies
about drawing, the business end of being an artist and writing a book.
Examples include:
Ulster Festival of Art and Design:
  • 'From Artist to Author' - a talk about the experience of producing my first book about drawing - with an opportunity to ask questions about the process.
  • Drawing Together - a panel discussion
Mall Galleries:
  • Workshop - How to get your art seen online
Heatherley School of Art - Lectures
Richmond Art Society:
  • Lecture - Social Media and the Artist

If you would like to discuss commissioning a lecture, talk or workshop by me:
Please contact me to discuss your needs and ideas. I'll be happy to consider them and I can also give you an idea of fees.
All travel and accommodation expenses are charged at cost.

Reviews for Artists
I have extensive experience of reviewing artwork selected for major art competitions and juried exhibitions in the UK. I'm happy to advise on whether or not I think specific artwork is suitable for a specific art competition or juried exhibition and if not what it might be suitable for.

I also mentor artists and review the current approaches they employ in terms of developing their careers and getting a higher profile for their art. Review reports include specific action points. Reviews can be done entirely online - or I can meet up with you.

If you would like to discuss a review of
  • your artwork (for competitions and juried exhibitions) or
  • art business practice
please contact me and tell me what you'd like me to do. I'll then give you an idea of fees.

If travel is involved, a
ll travel and accommodation expenses are charged at cost.
Art Societies 

I am (I hope) a constructive but critical friend of art societies. I support them by taking a friendly, but wholly independent, perspective on their exhibitions and other activities and to that end I am no longer a member of any UK art societies other than as a Friend. I write a lot about art societies and art competitions on my blog 'Making A Mark' and I'm also writing a book about art societies. I also give talks to art societies (see below).

Note: I exhibit on a regular basis with the Society of Botanical Artists, Florum and Urban Sketchers London
In the past I achieved signature member status with the UK Coloured Pencil Society and was an Associate Member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art (a fine art drawing society) and the Society of Feline Artists. In 2006 I was elected as a member of the SGFA Council.  I was also the UKCPS blogmaster for a time.


I'm currently revising the websites I've set up to share information. These include:
Art Business Info. for Artists
For those wondering about my interest in matters financial and broader business management topics:
  • I qualified as an accountant,
  • have an MBA from the London Business School,
  • worked as a consultant for some top consultancy firms and
  • used to be a senior manager in very large organisations before I retired.  
I now find it interesting to apply my expertise in financial and business management to a very different field of interest. 

The website covers:
  • Marketing for Artists
  • How to sell art
  • How to frame art
  • How to ship art
  • Copyright for Artists
  • Money and tax - this follows my interest in developing information for artists on a "numbers for artists" theme

Botanical Art and Artists

A compendium about botanical art past and present for botanical artists and illustrators of today and tomorrow

This is the top ranked website about botanical art and artists according to Alexa.

It covers

Fine Art Materials Guide - for Artists
(a new website)
A new website about art materials. It covers:
  • Dry Media
  • Wet Media
  • Paper and Supports
  • Art Equipment & Studios
  • Art Supplies by Location
[In Progress]

(See Advice about Art Materials)
Tips for Artists
(a new website)
A new website about skills and techniques relevant to art. It will cover:
  • Drawing
  • Composition
  • Colour
  • Genres - including portraiture, landscapes, still life
[In Progress]

Learning: I love learning about art and sharing that learning.  I believe that all those with a talent and/or interest in art will benefit from some guidance - and although I don't have a degree in fine art I have studied widely and enjoy passing on what I've learned.

Alumni I'm an alumni of drawing classes at the Royal Drawing School and the University of Arts, London (Central St Martins College of Art).  I've also taken workshops with a number of professional artists in the USA and UK.
Further Information
Articles about Katherine Tyrrell
I'm including these so I know where to refer people for information!
For an interview contact me as follows

Sales & Licensing

The following are available for purchase by arrangement:

  • Original paintings and drawings
  • Images in transparency, printed or electronic form
  • Licensing rights for publication of either drawings or articles or guides

For further information and a price list

EXAMPLE:  In 2007, the Cumberland Pencil Company (Derwent Pencils) commissioned Katherine to produce a drawing of Ashness Bridge - a landmark image which has long associations with their Artist's Pencils.  This featured in their 2008 catalogue and on their website.Commissions
Occasional commissions are undertaken

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