Blogging Etiquette - a Making A Mark Guide

BLOGGING FOR ARTISTS: Blogging Etiquette

A FREE Making A Mark Guide

The following publication is available as a pdf file and
can be downloaded for free for personal educational use only (see copyright notice).
  Who is this guide for?
  • This Guide is for artists who are new to blogging and/or people who gace concerns about comments or what you should or should not do while blogging
  What does the guide cover? 
  • This Making A Mark Guide is a personal view on blogging policies and blogging do's and don'ts based on over 2 years of blogging as an artist on an almost daily basis and over 250,000 visitors - and very few problem
  • It provides guidance on the content of a blogging policy, a blogroll policy, things to ALWAYS do when blogging, things to NEVER do and matters which are up for debate.

Blogging Etiquette (Personal and Educational use only)

Blogging Etiquette - a Making A Mark Guide.pdf 256.7KB Blogging Netiquette - a Making A Mark Guide to comments policy, blogroll policy and blogging Ps and Qs

Below is a link to my separate website which aims to help artists who want to have an art blog     

Blogging for Artists - Resources for Artists  
Blogging for Artists - Resources for Artists

Are you an artist who wants to have a blog? Or maybe an artist who wants to work on improving your blog? You'll find links on this site to sources of advice and information relevant to blogging for artists and blogging by artists. It focuses first on blogging basics, then on blogging for artists...


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