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The Making A Mark reviews...... blog highlights
- my reviews of art media, art materials, art equipment, art shops and online art suppliers.
- my book reviews and reviews of art bookshops
- summaries of good quality and relevant reviews by other practising artists

These reviews will supplement the information, advice and reviews which can be found in my "resources for artists" sites

Do let me know if you've reviewed or seen a useful review on other blogs or websites of:

  • an art instruction book
  • a book about an artist or period in art history
  • an art product you use (art media or support or tool)
If suitable, I'll summarise you review on this blog and link back to your review.

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On the blog, you can also:
  • Comment about what you think about any art book, product or supplier which is reviewed 
  • Take part in regular opinion polls about which products or suppliers you like the best.