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My philosophy is that it is good to share
and we all have something to learn.
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Read my reviews of various art products on my new blog Making A Mark Reviews

Making a Mark reviews......

I've been reviewing art products and materials for more than three years on my blogs.  This new blog aims to be
a consumer's guide to quality and value in art books, art supplies and services to artists

On the blog, you can:
  • Comment about what you think about any art book, product or supplier which is reviewed 
  • Take part in regular opinion polls about which products or suppliers you like the best.
  • Contact me with suggestions for product reviews on Making a Mark Reviews

This is the home to a set of links to all my 'Resources for Artists' information sites. Art Supplies and EquipmentArt Supplies in the UK
Art Supplies in the USA
Art Equipment
These share information and advice from various websites about the specific topics as listed at the side and below and are all updated on a regular basis. 

These sites include links to:
Media Coloured Pencils
Pen and Ink
Egg Tempera
Paper and Supports
  • different media and supports - including brands
  • additional art materials, drawing aids and equipment
  • tips and techniques for using different media
  • modern and historical approaches to different subjects - and links to reference sources and museums, art galleries and exhibitions of drawings and paintings
  • relevant books (available on Amazon)
  • relevant art societies
Still Life

Botanical Art
Flowers in Art
Gardens in Art
Feline Art
Miniature Art
  • art suppliers in the UK and USA
  • art communities
  • the art business and blogging for artists
DrawingDrawing and Sketching
Travels with a Sketchbook
Art Communities
Art Colonies and Communities
Art Forums
Art Holidays
TechniquesComposition and Design
Creating a Series
The Art Business Art Business
Art and the Economy
Blogging for Artists
Copyright and Orphan Artworks
Packaging, posting & shipping art
Book Reviews The Big Drawing Book Review
Colour - Art Book Reviews
Botanical Art - Art Book Reviews